AVG proclaims retail authority over customers’ private browsing data

Tuesday, September 22, 2015 by

In an update to the company’s privacy policy, AVG has announced that they now have the right to sell the browsing data of their customers.

The private security firm plans to collect data the public voluntarily provides and use cookies to track the searchers and the activities on websites, apps and other products. This would thus enable them to build anonymous data profiles and create detailed statistical information, all of which are of high value on the open cyber market.

Interestingly enough, AVG also announced that the public has the option to opt-out of the practice, but the process is notably arduous and not thoroughly explained by the company itself. The fact that companies have begun to follow the government’s lawlessness, in regard to the illegal use of individual personal information for self-enrichment and exploitation, is the perfect example of why we cannot let our elected officials openly defy the constitution and the Fourth Amendment, which protects personal data and assets.




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