Will Google’s new ‘fact check’ feature lie to support a liberal agenda?

Monday, October 24, 2016 by

Google recently launched a new “fact check” feature that is intended to determine whether articles are fact or fiction.

As soon as this news broke, the legitimate truth-seekers of the world — the libertarians — instantly knew that this would lead to all sorts of problems. After all, the mainstream media’s definition of truth is pretty loose these days. The “truth” as the leftists see it never paints the Democratic Party in a negative light. Hillary Clinton is always innocent and everyone else is always guilty. This type of bias completely disqualifies the mainstream media from appearing legitimate.

Google, sadly, is often as mainstream as it gets, which has led many to question Google Fact Check.

Aaron Kesel of We Are Change writes, “Google has been accused of shilling for Hillary the entire election season, even censoring search results on Hillary Clinton. How can we trust Google with fact checking information when it’s too busy shielding Hillary Clinton from going to prison? Manipulating auto-complete search results for Hillary, blocking out Hillary scandal search query results and more.”

Whether or not this statement is true, it has left many people worried that a source like Google, which is considered reliable among the average population will be skewing the truth in order to make liberals look better and conservatives look worse. This is precisely why so many of us are hesitant to buy into a fact-checker that is owned by big businesses. After all, they have incentives to hide the truth in order to make themselves look better. That’s just the way of this corrupt world.

If the concerns are proven legitimate, it is another nail in the coffin of truthful journalism in America. Through the WikiLeaks email hacks, we’ve already discovered that the mainstream media is willing to sell out in order to appease the Democratic Party, but it would be devastating to find out just how deep that corruption goes.

Thankfully, there are still alternative media outlets on the World Wide Web that expose the truth and corruption plaguing the planet. A healthy dose of reality is no further than a few keystrokes away, which is always refreshing. Of course, there’s little doubt that Google Fact Check will claim all of these reports as being illegitimate, but it’s up to us to keep fighting the good fight when it comes to exposing the truth.

During times like these, the truth-seekers have to rise above.






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