Glitch /glitch Hackers, Stocks, Technology Glitches Tue, 24 Jan 2017 16:09:29 +0000 en-US hourly 1 One big, fat, ugly bubble is about to burst… and Donald Trump will be wrongly blamed for it /glitch/2017-01-24-one-big-fat-ugly-bubble-is-about-to-burst-and-donald-trump-will-be-wrongly-blamed-for-it /glitch/2017-01-24-one-big-fat-ugly-bubble-is-about-to-burst-and-donald-trump-will-be-wrongly-blamed-for-it#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 Editor’s note: Donald Trump is officially the president of the United States. But what happens now could change everything…in sudden, unexpected ways.

Today, we’re featuring another important essay from Crisis Investing editor Nick Giambruno on this topic. On Wednesday, Nick said Trump could go down as the worst president…but it won’t be his fault. Today, he gives more reasons why Trump is destined to fail…and what you should be watching closely today.

(Fortunately, there’s a way you can prepare for what’s about to go down. You can learn more in this urgent message.)

(Article by  By Nick Giambruno, editor, Crisis Investing from

The establishment is setting up Donald Trump.

The mainstream media hates him. Hollywood hates him. The “Intellectual Yet Idiot” academia class hates him.

The CIA hates him. So does the rest of the Deep State, or the permanently entrenched “national security” bureaucracy.

They did everything possible to stop Trump from taking office. None of it worked. They fired all of their bullets, but he still wouldn’t go down.

Of course, the Deep State could still try to assassinate Trump. It’s obvious the possibility has crossed his mind. He’s taken the unusual step of supplementing his Secret Service protection with loyal private security.

The Deep State’s next move is to pin the coming stock market collapse on Trump. When people think “Greater Depression,” they’ll think “Donald Trump.”

The economy has been on life support since the 2008 financial crisis. The Fed has pumped it up with unprecedented amounts of “stimulus.” This has created enormous distortions and misallocations of capital that need to be flushed.

Think of the trillions of dollars in money printing programs—euphemistically called quantitative easing (QE) 1, 2, and 3.

Meanwhile, with zero and even negative interest rates in many countries, rates are the lowest they’ve been in 5,000 years of recorded human history.

This is not hyperbole. We’re really in uncharted territory. (Interest rates were never lower than 6% in ancient Greece, and ranged from 4% to over 12% in ancient Rome.)

The too-big-to-fail banks are even bigger than they were in 2008. They have more derivatives, and they’re much more dangerous.

If the Deep State wants to trigger a stock market collapse on par with 1929, it just has to pull the plug on the extraordinary life support measures it’s used since the last crisis.

It’s already baked in the cake. It’s just a matter of when they decide to trigger the controlled demolition.

Donald Trump is the perfect fall guy. And there are signs the Deep State is already starting to get its revenge.

The most important variable to watch is the Federal Reserve—the quintessential establishment institution.


Source: Ben Garrison

Even though most politicians, economists, and pundits in the mainstream media won’t admit it, central banks exist to help governments finance themselves, at the expense of the average man. It’s the hidden, but real, reason they exist.

The Fed accommodated Obama—effectively financing his regime’s deficits by creating new currency units. I doubt they will do Trump the same favor. And Trump will likely run up enormous deficits. Don’t forget about the $1 trillion in stimulus spending he has planned.

If the Fed doesn’t gobble up the debt used to finance Trump’s spending, it will only work to push up interest rates.

Interest Rates

Manipulating interest rates to near 5,000-year lows is a crucial part of the life support system. Now the Fed is set to pull the plug and leave Trump holding the bag.

In December 2015 the Fed raised interest rates for the first time in almost a decade, from 0% to a mere 0.25%.

The Fed kept rates there until last month, when it raised them to 0.50%. It also announced it would accelerate rate hikes throughout 2017—three in total.

There’s a good chance the Fed will announce these rate hikes during the eight Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meetings it has scheduled in 2017.

2017 FOMC Meetings
February 1 July 26
March 15 September 20
May 3 November 1
June 14 December 13

I think some of these rate hikes will be much bigger than the 0.25% most expect. They could pull a series of 0.50% rate hikes… or go even bigger.

Anything greater than the normal 0.25% tempo would shock the market—and seem designed to hurt Trump.

The establishment will get its revenge on Trump. The Federal Reserve is its weapon of choice.

Trump seems aware of the situation. He recently said, “They’re keeping the rates down so that everything else doesn’t go down.”

He’s also said that “We have a very false economy” and the stock market is a “big, fat, ugly bubble.”

During the campaign, Trump called Fed Chair Janet Yellen “highly political.” He said the Fed should raise interest rates but won’t because of “political reasons.” (Raising rates before the election would have hurt Hillary Clinton.)

The Media

The mainstream media is another variable to watch.

Paul Krugman, a New York Times economist—or, more accurately, witch doctor economist—has come out against Trump’s $1 trillion infrastructure stimulus.

It’s bizarre because Krugman, a die-hard Keynesian, had previously never seen a “stimulus” program he didn’t like. Once, he even advocated faking a space alien invasion to stimulate the economy. It shows that Krugman is not only a fool, but a hypocrite.

This is a clue.

I bet the rest of the mainstream financial media—CNBC, Bloomberg, The Economist, etc.—will morph from bullish cheerleaders into pessimistic doom-and-gloomers after Trump takes office.

Don’t expect them to find any “green shoots” after the market tanks on Trump’s watch.

All this is why what happens after Trump’s inauguration could change everything… in sudden, unexpected ways.

This is exactly why Doug Casey and I put together a time-sensitive video explaining how it could all go down.

Click here to watch it now.

Read more at:

Stay informed about the coming financial collapse at

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Drug companies “buy” positive research results, reveals shocking BMJ study; the entire body of Big Pharma ‘evidence’ must now be questioned /glitch/2017-01-23-drug-companies-buy-positive-research-results-reveals-shocking-bmj-study-the-entire-body-of-big-pharma-evidence-must-now-be-questioned /glitch/2017-01-23-drug-companies-buy-positive-research-results-reveals-shocking-bmj-study-the-entire-body-of-big-pharma-evidence-must-now-be-questioned#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 If you ever wanted to know why it is vital that the incoming Trump administration implement dramatic reforms of the pharmaceutical industry, this should answer that question comprehensively.

To say that Big Pharma is corrupt is an understatement, especially after a shocking new study published in the British Medical Journal found that drug makers actually purchase positive field trial results so that it will be easier, cheaper and quicker to get new drugs approved.

As reported by The Daily Sheeple, financial ties between researchers and Big Pharma firms “are independently associated with positive trial results, suggesting bias in the evidence base,” according to the new study.

For their study, which was published in the BMJ, researchers analyzed results from 195 drug trials that were reported in 2013. Led by experts from the University of California-San Francisco, the research team discovered that in more than half of clinical trials – 58 percent – the lead scientist in the study had at least some level of financial ties to the company that made the drug under testing. (RELATED: Keep current with the most recent medical scandals at

Included in the cozy relationships were direct payments to researchers, honorariums, paid travel expenses, stock ownership and payment for “advisory” work.

In an accompanying editorial, entitled, The Ties That Bind, the BMJ noted:

“Substantial evidence shows that sponsorship or funding of trials of drugs and devices by companies producing the drug or device results in publications that tend to favour the sponsor’s product. Personal financial ties—including travel expenses, honorariums, payment for advisory work, or stock ownership—between commercial companies and authors of reviews, meta-analyses, editorials, and letters are also associated with conclusions favourable to the sponsor.”

The fraudulent nature of clinical trials involving Big Pharma has been known to insiders for quite some time, including Dr. Marcia Angell, a physician and longtime Editor in Chief of the New England Medical Journal.

“It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine,” she has said.

Natural News founder/editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, has also tracked the issue of faking drug trial results so that pharmaceutical firms can get their flawed products to market faster.

“There’s no question whatsoever that the bulk of drug company-funded clinical trials are rooted in scientific fraud,” he said. “Much of the entire body of so-called ‘scientific evidence’ cited by the FDA to justify the granting of prescription drug monopolies is nothing more than pharmaceutical voodoo and quackery disguised to look like legitimate science.” (RELATED: The most recent discoveries can be found at

In a separate news release, Andreas Lundh of the University of Southern Denmark, and Lisa Bero of the University of Sydney, said that more studies, and more transparency, are needed for clinical trials:

“They urge trial authors to share their data and participate in industry funded trials only if data are made publicly available – and suggest journals could help by rejecting research by authors who are unwilling to share their data and by penalising authors who fail to disclose financial ties. The role of sponsors, or companies with which authors have ties, in the research must also be transparent,” EurkAlert reported.

President Trump has vowed to clean out the cesspool that is Big Pharma’s power lock in the nation’s capital.

“Pharma has a lot of lobbyists and a lot of power,” he said during his first press conference as president-elect recently. “There’s very little bidding on drugs. We’re the largest drug buyer in the world, and we’re going to start bidding. We’re going to start saving billions of dollars on drugs.”

In addition to implementing a bidding process and making other changes to how Big Pharma does business, Trump is considering appointing vaccine skeptic, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., to a special panel to look into their safety.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for Natural News and News Target, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.


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Researchers find brain switch to turn rats into killer predators – are humans next? /glitch/2017-01-21-researchers-find-brain-switch-to-turn-rats-in-to-killer-predators-are-humans-next /glitch/2017-01-21-researchers-find-brain-switch-to-turn-rats-in-to-killer-predators-are-humans-next#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 Scientists have made a startling discovery in laboratory mice that someday could be used to turn humans into killing machines.

As reported by National Public Radio (NPR), researchers discovered how to make mice kill at the flip of a switch, essentially, adding that may reveal how hunting behaviors evolved hundreds of millions of years ago.

Mice in the lab became very aggressive predators when two sets of neurons in the amygdala were activated using laser light, according to a research team which published its findings recently in the journal Cell. (RELATED: Discover more scientific news and discoveries at

Ivan de Araujo, an associate professor of psychiatry at Yale University, as well as an associate fellow at The John B. Pierce Laboratory in New Haven, Conn., said that the use of the laser light stimulant transformed the rodents into very efficient hunters.

“They pursue the prey [a live cricket] faster and they are more capable of capturing and killing it,” he said—all without undergoing any special conditioning or previous training to hone their hunting skills.

NPR noted further:

Activating the neurons even caused the mice to attack inanimate objects, including sticks, bottle caps and an insectlike toy. “The animals intensively bite the toy and use their forepaws in an attempt to kill it,” De Araujo says.

But the aggressive behavior is reserved for prey. Mice didn’t attack each other, even when both sets of neurons were activated.

The results of the stimulation research may provide insight into how the brain has changed over the course of hundreds of millions of years, when the first animals with jaws began to appear on earth. De Araujo said that the new ability to aggressively hunt down and kill prey very likely “influenced the way the brain is wired up in a major way.”

“Superior predatory skills led to the evolutionary triumph of jawed vertebrates. However, the mechanisms by which the vertebrate brain controls predation remain largely unknown,” says a summary of the research.

De Araujo said that, specifically, the brain had to develop so-called ‘hunting circuits’ that enabled precise, coordinated movements of a predator’s jaw and neck, adding that is a “very demanding task.”

The research team believed from the outset of their study that mice had these hunting circuits wired already in their brains because many kill and eat insects. Also, one species that is known as the killer mouse “basically feeds on live prey, including sometimes even other mice,” said de Araujo.

As expected, the research team indeed discovered a set of neurons in the amygdala, which is a structure that spurs both emotion and motivation, became active when a mouse began to pursue prey. In addition, they were able to isolate a second set of neurons that were activated when the rodent was biting and killing.

Using a technique called optogenetics, the researchers managed to create mice in which both sets of neurons were controllable through the use of light emitted from a laser. That essentially created “an on-off switch” the team could use to activate either set of neurons or both, the associate professor said.

“When we stimulate [both sets of] neurons it is as if there is a prey in front of the animal,” he said. At that point, the mice assume a body posture and take actions that are generally associated with real hunting.

The research team also unearthed evidence of similar hunting circuits in rats and other species—including human beings—whose survival at one point during evolution depended on our ability to hunt and kill large animals.

You can imagine that this kind of discovery would interest, say, the Defense Department, which could utilize it as a means of turning soldiers “on and off” on the battlefield. [RELATED: Stay current with the evil side of science at]

But sinister forces could also use it to create human monsters among the population. Would an authoritarian government find such technology useful?

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for Natural News and News Target, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.


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NHS tests bionic eyes on ten new patients /glitch/2017-01-20-nhs-tests-bionic-eyes-on-ten-new-patients /glitch/2017-01-20-nhs-tests-bionic-eyes-on-ten-new-patients#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 When the TV shows The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman were popular in the 1970s, it seemed that the futuristic bionic body parts and abilities of the leading characters, Steve Austin and Jaime Sommers, were just figments of the script writers’ imaginations. Well, the future is now and imagination has become reality, because the National Health Service (NHS) in England has announced that it is testing “bionic” eyes on ten patients who have not previously been able to see.

Ten patients in the UK will receive the gift of sight

Five patients at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital and five patients at Moorfields Eye Hospital who were born blind are expected to receive retinal implants in 2017. They have had a type of blindness that runs in families and obliterates cells in the eyes’s retina that sense light. The disorder causes the afflicted person to experience loss of vision and ultimately blindness. So it is remarkable for them to be able to see.

How the human eye and the “bionic” eye work

Like the rest of the human body, the eyes are fascinating in terms of how they work. In the healthy eye, the retina, which is situated in the back of the eye, contains photoreceptors, which are cells that detect light and transform light energy into electrical energy. This energy goes to the brain through nerve cells in the retina. But in some types of blindness, photoreceptors die while the nerve cells still exist. Those cells are unable to detect light but can detect electrical stimulation.

The bionic eye, officially called the Argus II Bionic Eye, is made by the company Second Sight. The scientific development works using sophisticated technology. It includes specialty glasses that are outfitted with a mini video camera, which sends information to an eye implant. The images from the camera change into electrical pulses, which travel to electrodes that are attached to the retina. The electrodes then activate the cells in the retina, which in turn transfers information to the brain.

Following up with great anticipation and excitement

The professionals who are involved in the “bionic eye” project are quite happy about the possibilities. Professor Paulo Stanga at the hospital in Manchester said “I’m delighted. It surpassed all of our expectations when we realised that one of the retinitis pigmentosa patients using the bionic eye could identify large letters for the first time in his adult life.” To follow up and monitor retinal implant patients for longer-term results of the technology, they will be monitored for a year after the procedure to observe how well the bionic eyes positively impact their lives.

The remarkable impact of bionic eyes cannot be overestimated

For patients who get “bionic” eyes, the ways this revolutionizes their lives cannot be quantified and fully understood by people who are blessed to be able to see. Patients who have already received the bionic eyes have said that before, they were unable to see Christmas lights, friends with whom they were talking, or even family members. Being able to relate to their surroundings in a whole new way drastically improves their lives and enhances their relationships.

Other life-changing medical innovations

After bionic eyes, what’s next? Bionic ears so deaf patients can hear just like Jaime Sommers in The Bionic Woman? A superhuman running ability like Steve Austin in The Six Million Dollar Man? Only time will tell what life-changing breakthrough medical advances are just around the corner. As we head into 2017, it’s so encouraging to hear of this good news coming out of the medical industry.


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Russian scientist injects himself with ancient bacteria and claims to be illness-free /glitch/2017-01-20-eternal-life-russian-scientist-injects-himself-with-ancient-bacteria-and-claims-to-be-illness-free /glitch/2017-01-20-eternal-life-russian-scientist-injects-himself-with-ancient-bacteria-and-claims-to-be-illness-free#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 In 2009, an ancient species of bacteria was discovered in Siberia’s Mount Mamontova in the northern region of Yakutia. Preserved in the Siberian permafrost for an estimated 3.5 million years, these bacteria can survive extreme temperatures and climate conditions. Initial testing revealed that the bacteria possess superior immune system-modulating properties. Better yet, the bacteria share these immune boosting properties with the host they interact with.

In initial tests, the bacteria, identified as Bacillus F, increased the longevity of mice from 589 days to 906 days on average. Researchers also noticed that the bacteria helped the mice increase their muscle activity, leading to more active, fitter lives. Further MRI examination of the mice injected with Bacillus F revealed that two indicators were higher than usual – glutamate and taurine levels. These are responsible for increasing the life expectancy of the cell, boosting energy production and metabolism, and strengthening immune system regulation. Excited by initial findings, a Russian scientist named Dr. Anatoli Brouchkov, decided to inject himself with the bacteria.

Dr. Brouchkov, head of the Geocryology Department at Moscow State University, says that Bacillus F has drastically improved his health. He claims to be illness-free over the past two years and credits the bacteria for this sudden health improvement.

Dr. Brouchkov reports, “I started to work longer, I’ve never had a flu for the last two years.” He admits that he doesn’t understand exactly how the bacteria convey such strength. While he remains clueless to the mechanism, he still sees and feels the impact the bacteria have on his quality of life. Dr. Brouchkov says that by understanding how Bacillus F works, “we probably would be able to find a tool to extend our own lives.”

Bacilli F enter the regional environment of Yakutia as the Siberian permafrost slowly thaws out. The microorganisms are present in the water that the Yukut people drink. The Yukut people apparently live longer than other cultures and now the secret to their longevity has been discovered.

Bacillus bacteria cells bind with B lymphocytes, activating a rapid response from the immune system

Even though the fear of germs dominates modern day thinking, bacteria are essential to human’s well being. Trillions of bacteria cells interact with humans on a momentary basis. Every individual harbors a unique  collection of microbes in their gut. Many of these friendly species of bacteria aid in digestion, protect the blood from toxins, assist in nutrient assimilation, and help the body respond to invading pathogens. Researchers from the Loyola University Health System in Chicago discovered that certain Bacillus bacteria in the digestive tract form spores during times of stress. When these bacteria spores meet B lymphocytes from the immune system, the molecules bind, activating the B cells to reproduce faster than average. This action prompts the rapid reproduction of antibodies to help fight against viral and bacterial infections.

Certain types of bacteria support human health. Colonies also exist on the skin, protecting the body’s largest organ. Future immunization practices will focus on the concept of strengthening the individual’s microbiome(s) so they can best adapt to their environment. The incessant use of chemicals such as Lysol, antibiotics, and triclosan basically just “punch holes” in the bacteria ecosystem. These practices only embolden pathogens as they re-colonize the area, take over the balance, and evolve with stronger genetic traits. When medical science begins to understand that we are not at war with bacteria, then we will begin to re-establish our connection and mutual relationship with commensal bacteria species. When we work with nature, we are more able to adapt to our environment through the beneficial relationship we share with friendly bacteria, as witnessed by Bacillus F in Siberia.



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Why is Google News still running fake news sources like CNN and WaPo while banning REAL news from the new media? /glitch/2017-01-20-why-is-google-news-still-running-fake-news-sources-like-cnn-while-banning-real-news-from-the-indie-media /glitch/2017-01-20-why-is-google-news-still-running-fake-news-sources-like-cnn-while-banning-real-news-from-the-indie-media#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 In the wake of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s second loss in seeking the presidency, the ‘mainstream media’ blamed it not on her poor candidacy but instead on a rash of “fake news” published by independent alternative media sites that were being fed “Russian propaganda,” including our site.

Even though the original perpetrator of that hoax, The Washington Post, later published a sort of-kind of retraction, social media and major news aggregator Google, along with Facebook, announced they would no longer publish ‘fake news’—that is, news that their editors simply don’t like because they are opposed ideologically to the news site and/or media company publishing the story.

So, Google is against fake news—but you can still find plenty of fake news stories in Google News feeds, so what gives? [RELATED: Keep up with all the Google- and Facebook-censored news at]

For instance, a recent search of Google News using the phrase “Russian hacking U.S. election” turned up hundreds of stories from so-called ‘mainstream media’ sources reporting as fact that the Russian government hacked the November elections, via stealing data from the Democratic National Committee and handing it to WikiLeaks to influence the election in favor of President-elect Donald J. Trump.

Two problems with those claims, which have also been made by the Obama administration using the “assessment” of careerist bureaucrats in the intelligence community:

1) They are completely unproven and unsubstantiated, and;

2) Even today the intelligence community, Democrats and the White House admit there is no way to tell if the leaked damaging information (which no one has denied is true) had any effect whatsoever on the election outcome.

But you find stories like this all over Google News feeds, and on news feeds picked up and distributed by Facebook. (RELATED: See more examples of fake news from the left-wing media at

There are other examples, including the recent fake news involving bogus, fabricated charges that Russia backed Trump because Moscow has ‘incriminating evidence’ against him, including of a perverted sexual nature—again, completely unproven. In fact, these charges—contained in a 35-page ‘dossier’—have been floating around media newsrooms for months, and no one would touch them until CNN did, followed quickly by Buzzfeed, which published the entire dossier.

The Washington Post has become nothing more than a fake news operation, shilling for and protecting Left-wing Democrats, as Mark Dice notes in his own special way in this video:

The hack establishment media is not interested in fairness. It’s not interested in informing. It’s not interested in unbiased reporting. And, until Republicans came to power again in the White House, was not interested in holding the administration to account. But there are solutions for those who crave honesty, truth in reporting, freedom from censorship and news information they can trust. is a news aggregation site listing alternative media sources that are quickly becoming the new ‘mainstream’ media. The news sites listed here are likely to be among those soon to be targeted by Google, Facebook and other Left-wing aggregators not because they produce “fake news,” but because the regularly publish truths and facts the Left finds inconvenient. Rather than debate on the merit of ideas, Google and Facebook would rather censor and ban facts they don’t like.

As for sharing news, information and ideas without having to worry about the heavy hand of censorship, is a growing Internet social community of like-minded individuals who cherish freedom, liberty, and above all, real freedom of speech and expression. Join today by clicking here [Full disclosure: I’ve already joined!]

Finally, to complete the freedom of expression and speech circle, search for your information via independent, non-corporate owned alternative media at, which protects your privacy and refuses to allow any links to the establishment media, the real purveyors of fake news. [RELATED: Stay up to date on all the fake news revelations at]

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for Natural News and News Target, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.


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Obama drastically reduces remainder of whistleblower Chelsea Manning’s prison sentence /glitch/2017-01-19-obama-reduces-majority-of-remaining-prison-sentence-for-whistleblower-chelsea-manning /glitch/2017-01-19-obama-reduces-majority-of-remaining-prison-sentence-for-whistleblower-chelsea-manning#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 President Obama has commuted the majority of the remainder of Chelsea Manning’s prison sentence. Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison for leaking 750,000 military files, documents and communications which exposed worldwide U.S. operations to the controversial, yet informative publication, WikiLeaks. Chelsea Manning is a transgender woman formerly known as Bradley Manning. The former U.S. Army intelligence analyst has been imprisoned since 2010, but was sentenced in 2013. The whistleblower is scheduled to be released from a Fort Leavenworth Military Prison on May 17, 2017, a full 28 years ahead of her originally scheduled 2045 release date.

Some of the controversial material that Manning spilled the beans about included revealing a significantly higher civilian death count in Iraq and Afghanistan than the numbers which were reported by the Pentagon. Manning also leaked a video showing a U.S. Apache helicopter gunning down journalists in central Baghdad. Manning underwent the military criminal justice process, was found guilty, and acknowledged her wrongdoing.

Although Manning’s sentence has been commuted, she still sets the record for time served for leaking classified information to news organizations. Manning spent the first 11 months of her time in solitary confinement. She was denied medical care for gender dysphoria until she went on a hunger strike, when the Army finally allowed her to consult a surgeon for gender-affirmation surgery. Manning was later readmitted to solitary confinement for attempting suicide.

A recent press release by the White House named over 200 prisoners who are to receive reduced sentences. Midway through the list was Manning’s name. Obama, who set the record for granting more sentence commutations than any other president, did not immediately comment about his decision to release Manning.

Manning’s lawyers and many human rights activists have welcomed the decision. Chase Strangio, a lawyer with the ACLU, believes that the decision quite possibly saved Manning from further suicide attempts and a lack of proper healthcare. Strangio believes that we are better off knowing Manning will walk a free woman, dedicated to fighting for justice and making the world a better place. Human rights groups believe that Obama’s decision sends a message that the U.S. government is serious about investigating human rights violations rather than punishing the messengers who expose such violations. (RELATED: Find more stories from independent media at

White House spokesperson, Josh Earnest, had recently hinted at clemency for Manning, but was not open to discussing such last-minute clemency for other popular whistleblowers. Earnest said that Edward Snowden, who blew the whistle on the NSA, exposed far more dangerous and serious material. Snowden remains in Russia dodging espionage and theft charges. James Cartwright, who was also listed on the presidential pardons list, is a retired general who pleaded guilty for lying to federal investigators who were probing leaks to journalists regarding the U.S. government’s use of Stuxnet, a computer virus that targeted machines inside an Iranian nuclear enrichment facility. (RELATED: find more White House news at

Obama’s pardon of Manning might have an ulterior motive. WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, indicated that he would turn himself in if Manning was released. Assange’s lawyer has called for an end to the government’s war on whistleblowers and publishers. It remains to be seen whether Assange will make good on his word and surrender, but his lawyer Melinda Taylor, has confirmed to news organizations that Assange will indeed do so. (RELATED: find more whistleblower news at

Paul Ryan has been vocal about his belief that Obama is setting a dangerous precedent by releasing Manning, whose actions put American lives at risk.

Obama addressed the press on Wednesday, stating that he was comfortable with what he described as an “appropriate” commutation. Obama argued that Manning had already served a tough, but adequate prison sentence. “I feel very comfortable that justice has been served,” Obama told the press. The president refused to comment on Assange’s recent twitter post, in which he agreed to turn himself in in exchange for Manning’s pardon. “I don’t pay a lot of attention to Mr Assange’s tweets,” said Obama, who referred the matter to the Department of Justice.


/glitch/2017-01-19-obama-reduces-majority-of-remaining-prison-sentence-for-whistleblower-chelsea-manning/feed 0
Identity theft using selfies: Your fingerprint can now be stolen from your pictures /glitch/2017-01-18-identity-theft-using-selfies-your-fingerprint-can-be-stolen-from-your-pictures /glitch/2017-01-18-identity-theft-using-selfies-your-fingerprint-can-be-stolen-from-your-pictures#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 If you like to display the peace sign when posing for pictures or selfies, there’s a new strategy you should employ, effective immediately. Make sure the back, or fingernail side of your hand is displayed, and not the fingerprint side. If you are featured in any online photos where you are exposing your fingerprint, you might want to consider deleting those as soon as possible. Photos that are shared and stored online create an active database of fingerprints for thieves to exploit.

Advancements in photo manipulation software can now lead to identity theft; because it is now possible for identity thieves to successfully obtain your fingerprint data from images. Japanese professor, Isao Echizen, knows the dangers of exposing your fingerprints first hand. Echizen is advising people to reconsider the innocent peace sign pose, after a recent experiment was conducted by his team at the NII’s Digital Content and Media Sciences Research Division, where they were able to successfully retrieve peoples fingerprint data from photos that were taken from distances up to three meters away. “Fingerprint data can be re-created if fingerprints are in focus with strong lighting in a picture,” said Echizen.

The technique Echizen describes doesn’t use any special software, but certainly requires good lighting. Low light pictures aren’t a significant threat now, but could become more serious in the future as mobile cameras become more sophisticated. Whenever possible, it is important not to rely on security measures that require fingerprint data.

Biometrics are becoming an increasingly accepted form of reliable security, replacing passwords and other safeguarding solutions in many instances. Keeping your prints private is now a valid concern. You can always change your password after being hacked, but you can’t change your fingerprints.

Professor Echizen believes that celebrities are most vulnerable to the new method of identity theft; due to the high number of photographs they generally appear in. While regular individuals might downplay the threat, this is a real situation which has already caused everyday people to become victims of ransom scams, because they compromised the security of their digital data.

An ordinary photo is all it takes for a thief to gain the ability to copy your fingerprint. The progression of technology in high quality digital photos has opened one side of the vulnerability, the other side being technologies akin to Touch ID, which turn your fingerprints into digital keys that can be used to unlock many of the devices we use today.

A third vulnerability exists within the technologies that use our fingerprints for verification or validation. Touch ID and similar fingerprint verifying security measures are likely to store your fingerprint data so that it can be compared to the print that is trying to gain access through the security measure. The fact that your fingerprint data could be stored up in a cloud for comparison raises additional security concerns, because hackers might be able to obtain that data in a security breech similar to what we often see with major companies.

In Echizen’s home country of Japan, as in many parts of the world, the peace sign is a common gesture shown in photos, however, it isn’t the sole hand gesture that could compromise your security. Other common gestures like waving, or giving a thumbs up, also create the same security vulnerability. When a fingerprint is matched with a person’s face, it creates a significantly greater threat for identity thieves to use the biometric data with malicious intent.

The fingerprint sensor on your phone is the key to unlocking all the private information that is stored on the device. This is not the first warning advising people that their fingerprint data needs to be protected. Back in 2014, a hacker demonstrated an eerily similar technique where he successfully replicated a German politician’s fingerprints from a public photo. The hacker then proceeded to create a three-dimensional mold of the fingerprint, which was capable of unlocking a secured phone. (RELATED: Learn more about technology glitches and failures at



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Survival food calorie scams exposed by the Health Ranger: Are you buying genetically modified “filler” calories labeled as a “One Year Supply” of total junk? /glitch/2017-01-18-survival-food-calorie-scams-exposed-by-the-health-ranger-are-you-buying-genetically-modified-filler-calories-one-year-supply-junk /glitch/2017-01-18-survival-food-calorie-scams-exposed-by-the-health-ranger-are-you-buying-genetically-modified-filler-calories-one-year-supply-junk#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 Today I’m issuing a consumer warning over deceptive survival food marketing and formulation practices witnessed across the preparedness food industry.

I want you to be informed and critical so that you can read the ingredients labels and do the math on calorie counts to know what you’re really getting.

It turns out that many so-called “One Year Supply” survival food offers on the internet are fraudulent marketing. They’re basing the “one year” claim on ridiculously low daily calorie intake, even going lower than 1,000 calories a day in some cases. This is obviously a starvation diet, not a survival diet.

Even worse — and this is true across nearly all the popular brands of survival food — most of the marketing of these garbage food products is nothing more than a race to pack buckets full of empty calories derived from genetically modified grains and pesticide-sprayed low-cost ingredients.

That’s why you find so much soy protein and corn derivatives in the popular brands of survival food. Nearly all the corn products are GMO, and almost everything is sprayed with toxic pesticides and herbicides that promote cancer, Alzheimer’s and immune suppression.

To make their foods taste better, popular survival food brands lace their formulas with hidden sources of MSG, a known neurotoxin. The result is a toxic stew of GMOs, MSG, cheap corn derivatives (like maltodextrin) and artificial colors.

It shouldn’t even be called “survival food.” It’s more like SUICIDE FOOD.

Check out this chart of which ingredients are found in popular brands of so-called “survival food.”

Stop eating SUICIDE food and start eating healthy, organic food for survival

Listen to my full podcast below that explains all this in more detail. When you want genuine, certified organic, laboratory verified survival food that can help keep you healthy and alive during hard times, here are the two honest survival food products we offer:

Numanna Organic Family Pack (co-formulated and lab verified by the Health Ranger): A combination of instant organic meals. Just boil with water to get organic, high-nutrient density chili, mac ‘n cheese, pasta dishes and more. Contains NO hidden MSG, no GMOs, nothing grown with pesticides, no junk corn derivatives, etc.

Organic Ranger Bucket Survival Food: Certified organic “bulk” ingredients at a great value, including freeze-dried organic corn, peas, lentils, beans, millet, cashews, almonds and much more.

Click here to listen to my full podcast on survival food at the Health Ranger Report website.

Or listen below:


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Proof that Amazon devices are spies in your own home: Alexa automatically orders product after “hearing” audio in private homes /glitch/2017-01-17-proof-that-amazon-devices-are-spies-in-your-own-home-alexa-automatically-orders-product-after-hearing-audio-in-private-homes /glitch/2017-01-17-proof-that-amazon-devices-are-spies-in-your-own-home-alexa-automatically-orders-product-after-hearing-audio-in-private-homes#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 A six-year-old girl from Dallas, Texas, became one happy little lady recently after her family’s Amazon Echo, an always-listening speaker device that’s gradually being implemented into thousands of consumer electronic products, responded to a simple voice command she made and ordered her both a tin of shortbread cookies and a large dollhouse — both of which were automatically delivered to the family’s home without so much as the click of a mouse or the press of a touchpad.

Reports indicate that Brooke Neitzel simply spoke to “Alexa,” the Ai-like, voice-command response system built into the Amazon Echo, about her desire for a dollhouse when the machine went ahead and processed an order through the Amazon portal for the products without her family’s permission. Within days, both the dollhouse and the cookies that Brooke casually mentioned out loud to Alexa were sitting on the family’s doorstep, much to the surprise of her parents.

“Alexa ordered me a dollhouse and cookies,” young Brooke gleefully told CBS 11 news when the incident was first reported, prompting other little girls who saw it to do the same exact thing. Within days, many children throughout the country had ordered their own dollhouses through Alexa, revealing not only the exceptional ease with which this increasingly popular tech device can purchase products without people’s permission, but also how clearly and constantly it listens to what people are saying around it.

Amazon says the voice-activated ordering function can easily be disabled or fire-walled using a passcode to prevent such things from occurring. The company also claims that Alexa only starts recording conversations like the one Brooke had when it hears certain keywords. But in order for it to do all this, the Echo via Alexa has to listen to what’s being said in close proximity to it at all times, a function that many are worried makes the Amazon Echo an always-listening spy device.

The Echo “has to listen to everything–that’s kind of disturbing,” says Ryan O’Leary, vice president of WhiteHat Security’s threat research center, which is trying to raise awareness about the full capabilities of Amazon Echo of which many people who use it might not be aware. “It doesn’t capture voice until it hears the keyword, but it could. You’re trusting the devices to not do that, but it’s entirely possible.” (RELATED: Read more news about resisting the surveillance state at

Spying devices to be installed in fridges, stoves, cars, and all sorts of consumer products

At the recent CES tech conference that took place in Las Vegas, LG, Whirlpool, and other consumer product manufacturers unveiled all sorts of new products containing Amazon Echo and “Alexa” technology. These companies are touting Alexa as a convenience factor, though again there are concerns that the use of this technology in everything from refrigerators and stoves to children’s toys and even “smart” walls represents a “Big Brother” threat, the variety of which the world has never seen.

“Connected microphones are starting to appear in everything from cars to children’s toys,” warns James Plouffe, lead solutions architect at mobile security company MobileIron. “Consumers should think carefully about how comfortable they are with the prospect of a live mic in common household items.”

Authorities are already pressing Amazon to release Alexa data from the device of a man who was found dead, floating face-up in a jacuzzi tub at his friend’s house, as part of a murder investigation. Amazon is refusing to release the data, citing “overbroad or otherwise inappropriate demands as a matter of course,” but the implication is still that this private data is accessible, and possibly being stored for indefinite periods of time on private servers, or even on the internet.

Learn more about the abuse of technology to destroy your privacy at


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