Humanity at risk of becoming dumb ‘house pets’ to robots, Elon Musk warns

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently made claims that humans are very likely to become the equivalent of stupid “house pets” for robots with artificial intelligence. His solution? Implant a form of technology into our brains that allows us to compete with the machines.

Musk has recommended a “neural lace” – a brain implant that can be hooked up to computers – be used in order to prevent man from becoming enslaved or destroyed by the potential robot overlords. While this technology still seems to be a ways away – and good luck convincing the general public to buy into it – at least there’s an idea of how to prevent the plot of Terminator 2 from becoming a reality. It’s fascinating to see that Musk is so frightened by the potentially dangerous nature of artificial intelligence, given that he has been such a proponent of the technology.

He stated, “I think one of the solutions that seems maybe the best is to add an AI layer. Just as your cortex works symbiotically with your limbic system, your third digital layer could work symbiotically with you.”

His claims make a lot of sense. How can human beings – fallible as we are – compete with robots that have unlimited strength, knowledge and tenacity? What is stopping them from turning us into glorified fish in a tank? If the technology that Musk believes in is on the horizon, it could certainly help combat the potential devastation that would likely come with having a group of endlessly intelligent robots roaming around. Considering how awful humankind can be at times – why wouldn’t they want to eradicate all of us?

Then again, Musk recently claimed that humans are merely the characters in a video game being played by an advanced society. Perhaps the robots are just the antagonists of that game.

Or maybe we are.


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