Bill Gates took part in criminally negligent vaccine experiments on poor Indian children

Bill Gates is one of the most iconic businessmen of all time. For years, his name has been synonymous with success. And now, his name is synonymous with evil.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has been hit with a lawsuit for testing vaccines on poor, tribal children in India. This, of course, is highly illegal, not to mention completely immoral. How any human being could justify testing such a product on innocent children is unfathomable, and yet the Gates Foundation has done just that.

The organization administered a research study where a small group of children were used as guinea pigs for an experimental Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine.

The Economic Times – India reports that after being given the vaccine, “many girls started falling ill and by 2010 five of them died. Two more deaths were reported from Vadodara, Gujarat, where an estimated 14,000 children studying in schools meant for tribal children were also vaccinated with another brand of HPV vaccine, Cervarix, manufactured by GSK.”

It’s an absolutely terrifying thought. One of the most successful and powerful men on the planet is involved in these disturbing experiments that have left numerous children dead. Considering the nature of their location, how many more are there that haven’t been reported? Why is testing vaccines on human beings considered acceptable?

It’s clear that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation doesn’t consider the lives of tribal children to be important, since they’ve colluded to have them used as test subjects. A report that was allegedly funded by the Gates Foundation claims that the deaths were caused by non-vaccine-related factors, but how reputable is that? This rabbit hole seems endlessly corrupt.

In life, you must be held accountable for your actions. Bill Gates’ hefty bank account shouldn’t make him exempt from that rule.



Natural News


The Economic Times – India

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