Three eye-opening revelations we uncovered from the Soros Hack

There are a few tried and true ways to foster divisive conditions that lead to extreme social unrest. Fermenting programs with the goal of dissatisfaction, disunity, disease and division – under the guise of an open, free and fair society – can be utilized as mechanisms for the overthrow of governments and nations. Regardless of what particular program or methodology is employed, two components remain essential. Power and the money that is required to buy it. On a smaller scale, consider Washington lobbyists who are funded by military, pharmaceutical and biotechnology interests. They put money into the coffers of Congress, and the laws are written on their behalf.

This pay to play scheme is not new, but digging out the details of these multi-layered networks can be difficult, especially when you consider the enormous global outreach and influence of George Soros, the billionaire investor and philanthropist who is the force behind Open Society Foundations (OSF). Their mission, as reported by  is to “help build vibrant and active democracies.” Keep in mind this is the same foundation and the same Mr. Soros who, according to Phil Butler’s insightful report at,  “committed more than $25 million to Hillary . . . and helped ram Barak Obama America’s throat.” Thanks to a hacktivist group called DCLeaks Network, we have more than 2500 documents straight out of the OSF. reveals three particular eye-opening revelations that show the one world globalist goals of Mr. Soros.

Here are a few more details, starting with the 2014 OSF involvement in media manipulation, disinformation and propaganda in the Ukraine. As reported by, Soros and his minions, including U.S. Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt, were very interested in creating a “neo-liberal” Ukraine, while “bringing Russia to it’s knees.”  Soros was already operating a non -government organization (NGO) in the region called the International Renaissance Foundation (IRF). This IRF already had OSF trained advisors ready to plug into the new Ukraine government, planned to control messaging through a crisis media center and promised to provide “professional PR assistance to the Ukrainian government.”

The second important data point about the leaked documents was the $650,000 given to Black Lives Matter (BLM.) According to The New American, Ken Zimmerman, the director of OSF programs in the U.S., vehemently denied giving any money to BLM, until  the leaked OSF documents provided the hard evidence that $650,00 was indeed supplied after the killing of Freddy Gray. The OSF believed they had  “a unique opportunity to accelerate the dismantling of structural inequality. . .”  The BLM $650,000 grant was just the beginning. OSF has given millions to a wide variety of organizations with a specific focus on “black men and boys,”  as reported by

The third revelation of interest is how the OSF has worked to ensure that the refugee crisis would destabilize European borders. According to, a memo in the leaked documents dated May 12th focuses on an OSF program called the “International Migration Initiative.” In this memo, the OSF discusses the “new opportunities” of this crisis,” one of which is more OSF influence in the region. The memo also states that open borders with “the refugee crisis is the new normal.” shares a heated exchange between George Soros and Viktor Orban, the current Prime Minister of Hungary. Mr. Orban, whose country is doing what it can to maintain its Hungarian culture and national borders, accused Soros of “deliberately encouraging the refugee crisis.” Soros didn’t hide his globalist intent when he replied, “Our plan treats the protection of refugees as the objective and national borders as the obstacle.”


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