The U.S. is staging terror videos, are the ISIS beheading videos among the ‘faked’?

A video has come to light recently that seems to support the possibility that the United States is engaging in fake beheadings which are then attributed to ISIS. Stories of this sort are nothing new, though. This film furthers the plausibility of the notion that America has repeatedly taken part in false flag attacks and other blatant misinformation. As far back as the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the CIA’s Iraq Operations Group were weighing the option of flooding Iraq with videos of Saddam Hussein in order to damage his character further among citizens. One idea was to portray him as being involved in sexual relations with a teenage boy. Basically, the art of deception is not a new weapon of war for the US government, either in garnering support to continue fighting an enemy created by the US government itself, or to tarnish the reputation of a foreign world leader in order to get that country’s population to support the US in ousting said leader.

The recent video shows what looks like a production crew, complete with cameramen, lighting technicians, sound guys and even what looks to be a director. They appear to be in a studio, surrounding a person who is dressed like a prisoner in an orange jumpsuit kneeling on the ground with his back to another person who is dressed in typical Islamic militant garb, similar to that of Jihadi John, the figure who has been most commonly associated with beheadings in the past. The video begins with the director having a discussion with the militant character while the prisoner stays kneeling with his hands completely unrestrained. The director moves back behind the cameras, the prisoner places his hands behind his back to appear restrained and after a few moments, the militant character begins posturing and gesturing toward the camera in a fashion similar to what has been seen in previous beheading videos. The scene ends with the militant moving into position behind the prisoner and beginning the beheading, only to stop abruptly and begin playfully joking with the prisoner. No one was harmed and the prisoner is still alive.

Whether or not the video is direct proof of the United States’ involvement in such a deceitful means of promoting further acts of war will remain up for debate. There are always those willing to go to whatever means possible to discredit anyone who questions the official story. It should be noted that were this to be proven true, and the American public has been lied to by our government, it surely wouldn’t be the first time and unfortunately not the last.



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