Breakthrough gravitational wave tech could allow China to destroy the entire U.S. nuclear sub fleet

For a long time now, China has been one of the world’s largest powers, despite the fact that many don’t seem to take them very seriously. New information has come to light that shows that perhaps every other country in the world should start keeping a closer eye on the east — or certain doom could be on the horizon.

News recently broke that the Chinese government is experimenting with gravitational wave technology that could lead to the entire United States nuclear submarine fleet being destroyed in one fell swoop.

The Daily Galaxy reports, “China could be the first nation to use cold atom interferometry to detect submarines, according to a researcher at the Beijing-based China Academy of Space Technology, which has initiated and designed most of China’s space projects. The cold atom interferometer would be part of a super-cold atom laboratory in the space station’s experimental module.”

Historically, any time a foreign power begins experimenting with deadly technology, it quickly becomes a major threat for the rest of the world. From North Korea to Russia and everywhere in between, these are events that everyone should be extremely concerned about. Unfortunately, there have been so many false flags in regards to a potential World War III that many people seem to avoid taking these threats seriously. Much like the story of the boy who cried wolf, foreign powers can only threaten to destroy the world so many times before everyone else stops listening.

And still, China experimenting with these gravitational wave systems is something that could negatively effect all of us. We could be on the eve of a world war that completely eradicates the planet. Government’s don’t test out things like this if they have no intention of using them, so one has to wonder exactly what China is planning with al of this.

Everyone in the United States needs to be prepared for the absolute worst. None of us know what specifically a world war in 2016 will entail, but there’s no doubt that we will need to be stocked up on supplies when it begins. Things have gotten so tense and frightening all over the planet that it seems like a nuclear war is inevitable, but the last thing we need is to speed up the process by electing Hillary Clinton. If that happens, the United States of America may not even make it through the end of the year…


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