The Rothschild Family has corrupted global banks, news media, oil and government

The New World Order might seem a bit far-fetched for many. A handful of powerful people acting as puppet masters for the human race is a thought that might not even cross the minds of many that have seamlessly adapted to the beliefs that were instilled in them from a young age. The thought that we are all being controlled and enslaved by the banks with the aid of the government is for conspiracy theorists. There is no doubt that there are negative connotations associated with being a conspiracy theorist. That belief has been re-iterated many times, mostly from the mainstream media. There are people who see the world for what they are told it is, others see what’s really going on behind the curtain. The stranglehold the global elite have on money and knowledge makes them very powerful. They either directly or indirectly control every aspect of our lives.

Global mega-corporations make up to billions of dollars on an annual basis. A select few at the top of the company make absurd amounts of money, while the employees making the difference and driving the company forward are barely paid enough money to stay afloat. If humans stay busy working 40 weekly hours for very little income, they won’t have the time or the resources to realize they have been dealt a bad hand. The top 1 percent doesn’t want Americans to be any more educated then to have the ability to help operate and patronize their business’.

The global elite have a system in place which allows them to grow their global banking empire. All of humanity are literally slaves to the economic system. Money is necessary for our survival in the real world today. Most people will spend the majority of their time working just to survive in the system. If money is the god of our time, that makes Rothschild his prophet. Public School programs worldwide are where the global elite first begin to shape our minds. They continue the shaping through the media. We are taught what they want us to know and nothing more.

The rich continue to get richer by purchasing up many successful smaller businesses. When the top 1 percent owns the majority of banks, resources and even our governments, it means big problems for the people. The Rothschilds’ are worth over $500 trillion and they are just 1 of 13 families that pretty much collectively own the world. The Rothschilds’ alone could pay off the US national debt 26 times over. Unfortunately they would never do such a thing because they own the majority of the world’s central banks. The New World Order’s agenda is slowly taking small steps toward complete and definitive enslavement through use of the monetary system and ownership of resources.


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