FAKE SCIENCE: “Global warming” world map data largely faked by NOAA… climate change fraud rapidly unraveling

It is embedded into the nature of man to choose to believe a lie rather than face the uncomfortable truth. But over time, as liars become louder, prouder and demand obeisance, the truth bubbles up to reveal the bevy of systematic lies hiding behind the CO2 curtain. Such is the case with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), as pointed out by Realclimatescience.com. NOAA simply produces fake data, plain and simple.

Maybe they are under the impression that nobody outside their sphere of influence reads anymore…. (RELATED: See ClimateScienceNews.com for more coverage of the climate change science hoax.)

The graphic below shows a global map of the average ‘Land-only” daily temperature from December 2016, as reported by the NOAA. You’ll see many gray areas, including a majority of the African and South American continents.  According to a note at the bottom right-hand corner of the image, the “gray areas represent missing data.” In other words, a large portion of South America, Africa and Antarctica had no temperature data reported for the month of December.

graphic 1

In this next NOAA supplied image, both land and ocean temperatures are given for the identical coverage area. Note that portions of central Africa show record heat, while South America shows areas of above average heat.  Antarctica shows no change in data.

number 2

What do these two maps show? One very obvious question comes to mind; how can one map show above average and record temperatures for the same areas that, on another map, show no data has been collected? Simple. The NOAA decided to make up data that fit the buzzworthy topic of global warming. That’s called lying.

It might be easier to see the subterfuge with the two NOAA images juxtaposed.

In this graphic, you’ll see that NOAA is concerned with “downwind repercussions” from people that might “poke holes” in their data. NOAA’s fake research was used as a lynchpin to ensure funding for the EPA in 2009, “which laid the foundation for widespread carbon regulations by determining that greenhouse gasses threaten human health and welfare.”  What a crock of hooey, along with the false claim that there is a consensus of 97% of scientists that say it’s true! It’s astonishing that millions of people around the globe have been brainwashed and don’t understand the life-affirming benefits of Co2.


Techniques to brainwash and manipulate populations into accepting a lie as truth — especially those dire warnings with apocalyptic consequences — have been perfected over time. It was in 1616, according to History.com, when the Roman Catholic Church prohibited astronomer Galileo Galilei from merely believing his heliocentric theory that the “Earth revolves around the sun, which was deemed heretical.”  The judgment rendered was that Galileo would spend the rest of his life “under house arrest,” and he would agree “not to teach the heresy anymore.”  The Pope couldn’t risk being fallible.

The myth of man-made climate change has also been morphed into a sort of religion — the “religion of environmentalism,” says author Michael Crichton:

“We are all energy sinners, doomed to die unless we seek salvation, which is now called sustainability. Sustainability is salvation in the church of the environment.”

A true believer, Gina McCarthy, the former head of Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), who spearheaded the draconian carbon program, has also noticed the religious fervor of her fellow believers, as Mercury News attests. She said, “I don’t know why climate change got to be a religion instead of a simple, fact-based science exercise.”

Maybe, Ms. McCarthy, that’s because like other world religions there are no scientifically sound facts to base its theories on.

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