Top UFO scientist warns aliens are “here and will quarantine us”

If robots taking over the world doesn’t keep you awake at night, how about an alien quarantine of the human race?

The quarantine idea is one advanced by longtime ufologist Stanton T. Friedman, a retired nuclear physicist. One of the original Roswell incident investigators, Friedman has published numerous papers and other accounts on extraterrestrials (ETs) along with lecturing on the subject all over the world and guest starring on many TV and radio programs.

Stanton Friedman told The Daily Star of London that there are aliens among us, and they have a reason for remaining in the background, for now, rather than making themselves known. “I think they are here. I think they are here to quarantine us, keep us from going out there. With our track record – we’re evil.”

Friedman believes that, while government officials are aware of our alien visitors, they are concealing the extent of alien visitations to avoid causing panic.

We have enough to prove without a shadow of a doubt that Planet Earth is being visited [by aliens]. This is kept from people because who would want the world in upheaval? There would be mass panic and distress. If they (the aliens) want to make themselves known, it’s easy – they will.

However, Friedman believes there is another, more political reason too. “The first country to replicate [alien] technology will rule the roost if they can build it.”

The UFO-skeptic astronomy community maintains that while there is intelligent life on other planets, we are still the only form of intelligent life on Planet Earth. Friedman, however, disagrees with that conventional wisdom. He has described the massive government coverup and scientific community’s dismissal as a Cosmic Watergate.(RELATED: Follow news and discussions about UFO events at

In a separate conspiracy theory, some UFO experts have warned about a cosmic false flag event where the deep state elements of the New World Order could stage a fake alien invasion as a way to impose a world government on the unsuspecting public. One researcher even claims that the military-industrial complex stages UFO sightings around the world.

Health Ranger Mike Adams, the founder of Natural News, has previously opined that if and when the first contact with alien lifeforms occurs, the event may be something other than a celebratory tailgate party. Adams maintains that peaceful, nonaggressive civilizations mostly keep to themselves and mind their own business. Any space aliens that show up on our doorstep, and they are likely to be far advanced, are likely out to colonize earth and seize our resources. To prepare for the risk, Adams recommends a planetary-defense initiative and a multi-planet colonization strategy.


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