From Bitcoin to climate change: The top 10 things you probably believe that are complete bulls##t

Public discourse in our twisted, collapsing society has now devolved to the point where most of what the general public believes is complete bulls##t. The aim of this article, of course is to point out a few of the most impressive bulls##t piles currently occupying the minds of the delusional masses. The “you” in the title of this post doesn’t refer to you personally, of course, as anyone who reads this site regularly has already pulled back the curtain on most of this bulls##t and sees things for what they really are.

But you’d be amazed how many “awakened” people still believe certain things that are total bulls##t. As you read through this list, ask yourself: How many of these examples of total bulls##t do you still think are true?

Top 10 things you probably believe that are complete bulls##t

#1) Bitcoin is a magical source of endless wealth creation that isn’t subject to the laws of economics

You’d be amazed to learn how many liberty-minded people who have long warned about the coming global debt collapse (and the failures of fiat currencies) have now convinced each other that Bitcoin is a magical source of endless wealth that creates money from nothing. The logic doesn’t pan out, of course: Bitcoin has now become a modern-day tulip bulb mania that only seems different because it involves a lot of technology. But it’s still a tulip bulb mania scenario, and it will still crash and burn when people eventually come to their senses. Read more about the Bitcoin end game at this link.

#2) Organic foods are automatically clean foods

All kinds of people who buy organic foods mistakenly think that USDA certified organic means foods are tested for heavy metals and pesticides. That’s flatly false, and in truth, nearly all the most contaminated foods we’ve tested in my heavy metals analysis laboratory have been certified organic (from China, where “organic” is a total joke). For the record, “organic” products to tend to be far cleaner in terms of avoiding synthetic pesticides and herbicides, but there isn’t any end product testing required by the USDA, so there’s undoubtedly a lot of fraud in the organic industry. (Best answer? Grow as much of your own food as you can. Buy organic but don’t always trust it 100%, especially if it’s from China.)

#3) The future will always be better than the present (irrational optimism)

Scientific studies have found that the brains of human beings are hard-wired for “irrational optimism.” Human brains are eternally optimistic as a survival mechanism that generates “hope” where none is warranted. The downside to this cognitive distortion is that few humans are able to look at the world rationally, especially when the future looks worse than the present. That’s why there’s so much “normalcy bias” in the world, where the masses believe nothing catastrophic can ever happen to society because they’ve never experienced such chaotic events in their (short) lifetimes. Remember: In the minds of most people, “history” began the day they were born, and the world they know could never suddenly change because it’s never happened to them before.

#4) “Science” is run by intelligent, objective, high-integrity individuals who never lie

Propagandists of all kinds (Monsanto, vaccine pushers, climate change cultists, etc.) proudly proclaim to have a monopoly over “science,” and they wield the label as a cognitive weapon to shout down skepticism or dissent. Yet the realm of “science” isn’t nearly as credible or honest as you might think. In fact, many science journals have become total jokes that will publish any junk science drivel imaginable. Academic science has devolved into little more than a grant money circle jerk where scientists produce whatever results get them more government money. And corporate-run “science” is incessantly corrupted by dishonest corporate interests. Even government “science” organizations like the EPA have lost all credibility with real scientists, because they are no longer engaged in any real science at all: They’re just propaganda arms of the bureaucracy that wield “science” to brow beat opponents who disagree with their ludicrous narratives rooted in junk science.

#5) Climate change will destroy the planet and we must eliminate carbon dioxide to save it

Speaking of bad science, the indoctrinated masses of obedient humans have all been convinced that carbon dioxide is a horrible pollutant that must be eradicated from the planet in order to save it. Yet CO2 is the single most important molecule in the atmosphere for plant respiration and cellular energy. Without it, all plants would die… including all forests, jungles, food crops and medicinal herbs. Yet somehow CO2 continues to be named “the enemy” by anti-science morons like Al Gore who recently said that global warming has caused ocean levels to rise so high that “fish are swimming in the streets in Miami.”

The stupidity of this man is almost incomprehensible. The flooding of ocean water onto land is actually called “tides” and it’s influenced by the gravity of the moon. Yet Al Gore thinks the planet is drowning every time the tide rolls in… WOW.

#6) You live in a free country that respects your rights

If you think you live in a “free” country, you’re living in denial of reality. Get the book “Battleground America” by John W. Whitehead, who also writes for the Rutherford Institute. Whitehead posts frequent articles that explain why you are actually little more than a “tax farm slave” living under a totalitarian regime that exploits your labor and ideas while making sure you can never really “own” anything that isn’t eventually confiscated by the State. If you really lived in a free country, then you wouldn’t have to keep paying land rent (i.e. “property taxes”) to the government under threat of gunpoint arrest and the confiscation of your land by the state. Have you ever wondered why no government allows you to own land free and clear?

#7) The drug companies are trying to cure disease and improve your quality of life

Like all other corporations, drug companies have just one purpose: To maximize revenues through repeat business. This means, by definition, drug companies never want customers to be cured of anything. Instead, they want every citizen to “manage symptoms” with patented chemicals that adjust biomarkers but never really prevent or cure anything. The whole drug cartel scam is rooted in the idea that if you are cured, they lose a customer. That’s why Big Pharma’s dangerous pharmaceuticals almost always cause other health problems that require yet more drugs for “treatment.” The whole thing is a massive medical scam that’s an insult to real science.

#8) The views you see on cable news and Hollywood sitcoms are representative of the entire country

If you watch the delusional Left-wing media, they make it seems like everyone in America is a Trump-hating liberal who despises the Founding Fathers and hates guns. In reality, nearly all TV programming — news, sitcoms, movies, etc. — comes from just two radical Left-wing cities: Los Angeles and New York City. The people in these cities live in extremist Left-wing “thought bubbles” that are entirely disconnected from the real world. Their goal is to try to convince you that you’re totally alone if you believe in the Bill of Rights, the Second Amendment or in honoring the legitimate outcomes of elections. In truth, most of America agrees with you, but they’re all too busy working real jobs to produce crappy sitcoms and Netflix programming. LA and NYC don’t represent America; they represent fringe extremism of the delusional Left.

#9) Your pension fund is financially solvent and will pay you exactly what you’ve been promised

Nearly every pension fund in America is vastly under-funded, and most will go bankrupt in the next two decades. Government-run pensions are in the worst shape, but even private industry pensions are also in trouble. Why are pensions in trouble? Because pension managers all made ridiculously stupid projections that assumed “fantasy” returns on investment (ROI) on stocks, bonds, real estate and other investments. Yet stocks, bonds and real estate are all suffering from irrational bubbles that are about to burst, and when they do, many pension funds will lose 50% (or more) of their assets. Watch for sharp reductions in pension payouts and restrictions on early withdrawal… and don’t even get me started talking about Social Security.

#10) The stock market will go up forever and NOW is always a good time to buy in

Speaking of irrational stock market expectations, as we now sit in an insanely overvalued market, the irrational optimism of the financial media is more brazen than ever. According to the talking heads on the news programs, right NOW is the greatest time ever to keep buying more stock shares, regardless of P/E rations, dividend payouts or the complete lack of revenues for many of these companies. Tech companies in particular are so absurdly overvalued that they stand ready to catastrophically crater in the near future. Companies like Google, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, Uber, Apple and Snap are wildly overvalued, and some of them (Twitter, Uber, Snap) have almost never earned a dime of profit in their entire existence. (Google and Amazon at least have solid revenue models, so they will fare much better than the others…)

A few noteworthy mentions of “bonus bulls##t”

  • The government isn’t spying on your phone calls
  • Your doctor knows everything about health and has your best interests in mind
  • The WTC 7 building fell down because small office fires collapse concrete-and-steel buildings
  • Giving up your gun rights will make society safer for everyone
  • McDonald’s has removed all antibiotics from its chicken products (nope, it hasn’t)
  • Grocery store coupons save you money (if you’re buying that crap, you’re wasting money in the first place)
  • The TSA exists to stop terrorists and keep you safe
  • MMR vaccines prevent measles, mumps and rubella
  • There’s no such thing as “radical Islamic terrorism”
  • Food can’t cure cancer
  • Homeopathy doesn’t work for anything
  • Chemotherapy prevents cancer
  • Mark Zuckerberg is a nice person who cares about humanity
  • Google isn’t evil

So that’s the list of the top 10 things you probably believe that are complete bulls##t (plus a few bonus bulls##t items). Whether you recognize them as total bulls##t, however, is another matter altogether. Those whose bulls##t detectors are functioning the best will find themselves far better off as global chaos unfolds in the very near future.

Unless, of course, you think everything I’ve written here is complete bulls##t, in which case you can always turn on MSNBC and watch Rachel Maddow to download the daily indoctrination program that nullifies critical thinking and logic, making your brain “bulls##t compatible” for life.

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