01/11/2016 / By Greg White

As technology continues to grow, our expectation of privacy unfortunately shrinks with it, especially in the wake of the development

01/07/2016 / By Greg White

With the rise of drones, Americans are just as likely to be attacked from the sky as on the street.

12/04/2015 / By Chris Draper

Drones — despite much flak from the public — are now the new stars of Amazon’s latest service offering. The

10/29/2015 / By Greg White

As the sale of civilian drones continues to skyrocket in Latin America, so do the crime rates. Like all kinds of

10/06/2015 / By usafeaturesmedia

( It sounds like something straight out of a science fiction movie, but the reality is, robots will eventually make

08/17/2015 / By Greg White

A Kentucky man was recently arrested for shooting down a drone that trespassed his private property. It was a typical

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