10/21/2016 / By Mary Wilder

Charges have been brought forward on Andrew Otto Boggs and Justin Gray Liverman of North Carolina, who have been accused

10/04/2016 / By JD Heyes

The evidence is clear: The FBI has been completely politicized during the current administration, and it’s going to be difficult

09/29/2016 / By JD Heyes

The Obama administration and Congress continue to come up with new and different ways to spread propaganda, even to the

09/21/2016 / By Mary Wilder

There doesn’t seem to be a more bumbling group of buffoons on planet earth than the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

09/21/2016 / By Mary Wilder

It cannot be stated enough — the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been complicit in a vast majority of the

09/19/2016 / By Mary Wilder

What does it say about the corruption of the federal government that even the Director of the Federal Bureau of

09/13/2016 / By JD Heyes

On the surface it looked as if The New York Times was doing its journalistic duty when it first reported

08/08/2016 / By usafeaturesmedia

( In recent days the political world was rocked by the realization that Russia most likely hacked into the Democratic

08/03/2016 / By D. Samuelson

Remember those antiquated party lines? At any time, when you picked up your receiver, you might hear one of your neighbors

08/03/2016 / By usafeaturesmedia

( Cyber professionals within the various federal agencies, as well as members of Congress, have long pushed the Obama administration

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