Don’t be too social: As few as 8 tweets a day can pinpoint your location, even to low-tech snoopers

( You may love your social media but a new study shows that relatively few posts a day on Twitter can reveal your physical location in as little as eight tweets per day. As reported by Homeland Security Newswire, researchers at MIT and Oxford University have shown that the location stamps on just a few Read More


Flaws in software used by hackers more than doubles, setting a record

( SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – The number of previously unknown software flaws used by hackers more than doubled last year, a new report says, in another sign of the increasing sophistication of cybercrime and online espionage. Secret vulnerabilities in computer programs are especially prized by criminal gangs, law enforcement and spies because software vendors have Read More

Stealing online information

Hacker accesses documents on 29,000 FBI and DHS employees after breaking into government computer system

An unknown hacker has disclosed the contact information of around 20,000 FBI and 9,000 DHS employees, including their names, job titles, email addresses and phone numbers. The Daily News attempted to dial more than 20 numbers published by the hacker from the DHS list. Many of the calls went to the wrong person or disconnected Read More


Iranian cyberattacks represents clear and present danger to U.S. infrastructure: U.S. officials

( Charges filed by U.S. authorities against seven Iranian hackers working for computer firms associated with the Iranian government – including the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps – make clear there is a clear and present cybersecurity danger to critical American infrastructure, government officials note. As reported by Homeland Security Today, the group of Iranians has Read More


Pentagon employing hackers to try to break into DoD systems

( In an effort to improve cyber defenses of its own IT systems, the Pentagon is taking a cue from private industry: Employing “white hat” hackers to find vulnerabilities in the Department of Defense’s sensitive cyber domains. As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, DoD announced last week the launch of its “Hack the Pentagon” Read More


Israel power grid nearly cratered due to advanced cyberattack… is USA next?

The computers behind Israel’s power grid were shut down by a cyberattack in late January, which Israel Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz described as a “severe” attack. “We had to paralyze many of the computers of the Israeli Electricity Authority,” Steinitz said during a speech at the Cybertech Conference in Tel Aviv in wake of the Read More


This $1000 device can grant you full access to secret government satellite data

It seems that satellite tracking technology is not as secure as the government might have us believe, as a security researcher exposes how a $1000 device, made of all off the shelf components, can easily hack satellite data transmissions from even industry leaders such as GlobalStar. GlobalStar and its throng of satellites are responsible for Read More


Massive breach: Hackers steal 15 million T-Mobile users’ data from Experian

The private details of 15 million T-Mobile customers have been stolen. On Thursday, T-Mobile announced that hackers had breached Experian’s network, which the carrier uses to check the credit reports of customers applying for a phone. The data stolen included Social Security numbers, home addresses, passport ID numbers, drivers’ license numbers and birth dates, among Read More


Here’s how the Chinese military hacks our most sensitive govt. computer systems

( A recent discovery by cyber sleuths has uncovered a massive, state-sponsored cyber espionage ring working on behalf of the Chinese government, even as Washington and Beijing come to terms on a new hacking agreement. As reported by The Wall Street Journal, the new discovery will likely ratchet up tension between the U.S. and China Read More


NSA Director: If any other country’s foreign minister kept a private email server like Hillary, it would be a great ‘opportunity’ for the U.S.

( In what appears to be a direct affront to former Secretary of State and current Democrat presidential contender Hillary Clinton, National Security Agency Director Adm. Michael Rogers told the Senate Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence that if a rival nation’s foreign minister kept a private email server, it would be a great “opportunity” for U.S. Read More